No radiation magnet-neodymium-Iron-Boron magnets

First, according to classic electromagnetic theory, only changes of electromagnetic field only will produced radiation; radiation capacity strong of magnetic field are refers to of is in the high frequency magnetic field (frequency are in thousands of even tens of thousands of Hertz above), as induction cooker, and phone, are exists frequency relative high of electric magnetic field, exists electromagnetic radiation. frequency more high, radiation more badly. normal Exchange electric frequency are enough 220 Hertz. and ND Iron Boron produced of is static magnetic field, static magnetic field not produced electromagnetic radiation.

Second, radiation since no, we may worried of is static magnetic field on human whether harmful, I description two points: 1. static magnetic field attenuation soon, General, most strong single block magnet (magnet remanence 1.4T), from magnet 10cm yiwai, magnetic field General are is less than 0.1T, has is small has. 2. simple discussion static magnetic field on human role, currently Science no clear findings, even many information also publicity magnetic field on human useful, has many magnetic devices, these, real from science Shang are no clear conclusion.